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Web Date: April 23, 2012

A Model To Predict Nanoparticle Toxicity

Nanomaterials: Researchers link semiconductor particles’ electrical properties and ability to cause inflammation
Department: Science & Technology | Collection: Life Sciences
News Channels: Environmental SCENE, Materials SCENE, Biological SCENE
Keywords: nanoparticles, metal oxides, toxicology, inflammation, semiconductors

As nanoparticles increasingly make their way into consumer products and the environment, toxicologists want to understand their effects on human health. Ideally, they’d like to develop models that predict a material’s toxicity based on its chemical properties. Now a research team reports the first such model for metal oxide nanoparticles that uses the materials’ electrical and solubility properties (ACS Nano, DOI: "; $("#ERA_RC").html(contextualDefault); } }); var era_rc1 = {StyleId: '1',ERADomain: ''};


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