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Web Date: January 20, 2016

Tiny Probe Samples Chemicals Within Live Brains

Neurochemistry: Thin as a human hair, a silicon and aluminum microdialysis probe pinpoints ever smaller regions of rat and mouse brains
Department: Science & Technology
News Channels: Analytical SCENE, Biological SCENE, Materials SCENE
Keywords: probe, membrane, semipermeable, microfabrication, neurochemistry, rat, mouse, brain, anodized aluminum oxide, silicon

Microdialysis probes are useful little tools. They sample molecules in real-time from living tissue, often the brains of rats and mice. But some important regions of those brains are so small, they would be destroyed by the pokes from current probes. Now, chemists introduce a probe 80% thinner than conventional ones for sampling or delivering molecules to even smaller spaces (Anal. Chem. 2016, DOI: "; $("#ERA_RC").html(contextualDefault); } }); var era_rc1 = {StyleId: '1',ERADomain: ''};


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