Volume 95 Issue 9 | p. 6 | News of The Week
Issue Date: February 27, 2017 | Web Date: February 22, 2017

Harvesting therapeutic proteins from animal slobber

Scientists genetically engineered mice to secrete human nerve growth factor in their saliva, a first step toward using critter spit to crank out drugs
Department: Science & Technology
Keywords: biotechnology, saliva, biologic drugs, nerve growth factor, therapeutic proteins

Anyone who has ever been to a farm knows there’s no shortage of drool dangling from the mouths of barnyard animals. Those super-active salivary glands could someday be put to good use, according to a new study.

Zhenfang Wu and colleagues at the South China Agricultural University transformed the salivary glands of mice into miniature bioreactors for producing human nerve growth factor (NGF) proteins in their spit (Sci. Rep. 2017, DOI: . . .

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