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April 14, 2014
Specialty chemical producer hopes to build its R&D presence in Asia while holding on to scientists in Germany
By Alex Scott
April 14, 2014
ACS Meeting News: Researchers investigate materials used in aerospace, nuclear, and health care industries
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April 14, 2014
On anniversary, awardees reminisce on the award and the field it honors
April 14, 2014
Natural sweeteners maple syrup, agave, and honey are complex mixtures with bioactive components that might confer health benefits
April 14, 2014
While American chemical makers rake in the cash, those in other regions of the world try to keep up
April 14, 2014
EPA strives to navigate privacy, data access concerns
April 9, 2014
SPARK competition winners reimagine the classic chemistry set for kids today
April 7, 2014
ACS Meeting News: Medicinal chemists set their sights on sensory ion channels to find pain, cancer, asthma treatments

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