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Climate Change
April 16, 2014
Climate Change: The salinity and oxygen-18 content of the Bay of Bengal show that Himalayan glaciers are losing ground
By Deirdre Lockwood
April 14, 2014
Climate Change: Major technology changes could still restrain global warming to a maximum of 2 °C above preindustrial levels, UN report says
April 3, 2014
Carbon Sequestration: Electrochemical cell could lower cost of sequestering carbon dioxide as carbonate minerals
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November 11, 2013
UN talks in Warsaw chart a course for completion in 2015 of a global deal to limit greenhouse gas emissions
November 11, 2013
IUPAC group recommends kinetic parameters to promote accurate modeling of climate, air quality
November 5, 2013
Air Pollution: The net human health impact of regulations mandating use of biodiesel blends is minimal compared to benefits from stricter emission controls

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