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Critter Chemistry
June 29, 2015
NASA’s insect-shedding surfaces reduce drag by keeping plane wings cleaner in flight
By Matt Davenport
May 22, 2015
Biomimetics: Nanoparticles of polydopamine self-assemble to form colored films
May 21, 2015
Chemical Ecology: Cold-weather-loving insect produces never-before-seen chlorinated natural product to deter predators
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May 18, 2015
Pesticides: Federal plan for safeguarding bees is five months overdue
May 18, 2015
Chemical Ecology: The first chemical communication network discovered for zooplankton could help explain toxic phytoplankton blooms
May 11, 2015
Indian scientists isolate genetic information needed for the large mammals to produce biologics
April 23, 2015
Pesticides: One study shows bees are attracted to the insecticides, another shows harmful effects to the pollinators under field conditions
March 27, 2015
ACS Meeting News: Chitosan-rich spray foams can slow hemorrhaging from noncompressible wounds
March 26, 2015
ACS Meeting News: Researchers engineer E. coli to create potent, inexpensive snakebite fighter

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