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July 20, 2015
Chief executive of the DuPont spin-off discusses growth prospects and the challenges ahead
By Marc S. Reisch
July 13, 2015
Environmental Protection Agency’s biofuels plan draws fire
June 15, 2015
Regional chemical industry strengthens ties with educators to build skills and ensure employment needs are filled
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June 8, 2015
Legislation: Changes could impact agency’s regulation of pollution and commercial chemicals
May 18, 2015
Climate Change: Battle between White House and Congress over climate policy intensifies
April 15, 2015
Resources: Chemical feedstocks predicted to shift away from petroleum-based naphtha
March 30, 2015
Industry’s demand for analytical chemists is growing, but some worry whether the academic pipeline can keep pace
March 16, 2015
Energy storage emerging as a new force in power market
February 9, 2015
White House climate plan highlights methane reductions in oil and natural gas sector

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