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Green Chemistry
March 17, 2014
Lab Automation: MIT chemists devise a continuous reactor for speedy solid-phase synthesis
By Stephen K. Ritter
March 17, 2014
Scientists call neurotoxic effects of industrial chemicals a ‘global pandemic’
March 11, 2014
Flame Retardants: Casein, a protein left over from cheese production, could be an ecofriendly and nontoxic alternative to current phosphate-based retardants
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February 17, 2014
Simple, soluble molecular oxide serves as a model system for carbon dioxide fixation
February 14, 2014
Green Chemistry: A one-pot, two-catalyst reaction turns leftover glycerol from biodiesel production into chemicals of value
February 10, 2014
High-efficiency microwave method cuts cycle times to four minutes while achieving high-purity peptides and reducing chemical waste
February 6, 2014
Chemical Engineering: Resonant acoustic mixing provides a green, scalable way to cocrystallize compounds
January 30, 2014
Chemical Reagents: Researchers develop a highly selective catalyst for making the widely used bleaching agent and oxidant
January 30, 2014
Chemical Engineering: Resonant acoustic mixing produces multigram quantities of cocrystals using minimal solvent

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