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ACS Scholars
December 20, 2010
Following her brother into the ACS Scholars Program, this engineer discovered her passion for chemical process safety
By Susan J. Ainsworth
November 29, 2010
ACS Scholar hopes his success will inspire others
October 25, 2010
ACS Scholarship helped this driven chemist blaze her own trail
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September 27, 2010
A laboratory enthusiast from a young age, this ACS Scholar is living his professional dream
August 30, 2010
Family and mentors told this former ACS Scholar to keep moving forward; she did and still does
July 26, 2010
Former ACS Scholar uses her experiences to inspire others to enter science
June 28, 2010
A sister and the ACS Scholars program cemented this chemical sleuth's career path
May 31, 2010
High school and undergrad mentors help a budding physical organic chemist get into UCLA's Ph.D. program
April 26, 2010
For an enthusiastic experimentalist, the ACS Scholars program opened doors of opportunity

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