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July 13, 2015
As the long-alkyl-chain fluorocarbons found in many household products are replaced with short-chain ones, debate over safety continues
July 13, 2015
Environmental Protection Agency’s biofuels plan draws fire
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July 9, 2015
Climate Change: Regulation will bar some uses of the potent greenhouse gases
June 29, 2015
Environment: Danish toy maker will invest $150 million, hire more than 100 people to develop sustainable plastics for its signature product
June 29, 2015
U.S. and U.K. firms join forces to commercialize biobased 1-butanol
June 19, 2015
Start-Ups: Initiative aimed at spurring investment in new companies
June 17, 2015
Materials: Energy-generating artificial muscles are powered by bacterial spores, evaporation

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