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February 16, 2015
The Alabama chemist has taken his model for applied academic research to Canada
By Stephen K. Ritter
February 10, 2015
Biofuels: Yeast designed to ferment compounds found in treated biomass could boost biofuel production
February 2, 2015
Agency’s latest Toxics Release Inventory shows green chemistry, pollution-prevention efforts are paying dividends
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January 26, 2015
Three-in-one catalyst mediates dehydrogenation, disproportionation, and transfer hydrogenation reactions of energy storage compound
January 26, 2015
Solid-state hydrothermal processing increases yield of the materials while greatly reducing water use
January 7, 2015
Alternative Energy: Amine borane compound remains stable at sustained high temperatures
January 5, 2015
Chemical engineers develop a process to take waste glycerol from biodiesel production and make the key chemical intermediate
January 5, 2015
Scientists, regulators, and industry are working out how to detect and deal with sources that release the most gas
December 30, 2014
Awards: Champion of green and sustainable chemistry, and renowned video host honored for scientific contributions

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