July 25, 2017
Consumers want clean labels, but ensuring food safety and shelf life without synthetics is a challenge

Science & Technology

July 25, 2017
How companies can take a single chemical and tailor it for regional markets.
July 24, 2017
Hydrogel patterned with cells expands into functioning liver tissue in response to liver damage

Government & Policy

July 25, 2017
More education and regulation are needed, data analysis suggests
July 24, 2017
Study examines production and fate of ubiquitous material




May 29, 2017
National Science Foundation data show slight increases in 2015 for academic chemistry research

Career & Employment

July 11, 2017
Looking for ways to help others can ease the awkwardness of asking for help when job hunting
July 10, 2017
A chance encounter at an ACS national meeting led this chemist to a career on Capitol Hill


July 24, 2017
July 17, 2017