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November 27, 2015
Pharmaceuticals: AstraZeneca and Sanofi agree to exchange 210,000 chemicals from drug discovery libraries
November 23, 2015
Pharmaceuticals: Tax-advantaged deal will create the world’s largest drug company

Science & Technology

November 24, 2015
Chemical Bonding: A new sandwich molecule contains the smallest and lightest aromatic ring possible
November 23, 2015
Environment: Prototype device uses electrodialysis to produce freshwater

Government & Policy

November 25, 2015
House Science Committee Chairman demands documents, e-mails related to climate change paper
November 24, 2015
Watchdog group sides with terminated managing director, prepares to challenge decision

ACS News

November 23, 2015
Discovery of phytochrome uncovered how plants flower in predictable ways




November 18, 2015
Fires that injure students prompt calls for safety assessments of demonstrations or experiments, plus teacher training
October 19, 2015
Chemistry department takes modular approach to coursework and puts research upfront in hopes of speeding time to Ph.D.

Career & Employment

November 18, 2015
Chemists with disabilities share their stories on overcoming challenges in the workplace


November 23, 2015
November 23, 2015