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August 18, 2014
Bayer’s water-based process eliminates organic solvent in producing polyurethane leather for consumer products
By Stephen K. Ritter
August 21, 2014
A look at recent patenting activity in thin-film solar cells, brought to you by C&EN and CAS
August 20, 2014
Antibiotics: Adding a peptide that penetrates cell membranes to an existing antibiotic allows the drug to enter bacterial sleeper cells that can cause chronic infections
August 18, 2014
ACS Meeting News: Biochemical cocktail, if found, may foster more natural giant panda breeding in zoos
August 18, 2014
ACS Meeting News: Measuring disulfide pattern via collision-induced unfolding and ion mobility could lead to new tool for quality control
August 18, 2014
ACS Meeting News: Within minutes, researchers fabricate tiny biodegradable hypodermics with encapsulated enzymes and nanoparticles
August 18, 2014
ACS Meeting News: Chloride surprisingly promotes selective iodate oxidation of alkanes to alkyl esters

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