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March 30, 2015
Despite currency concerns, tool fabricators at Pittcon look for strong sales in 2015
By Marc S. Reisch
March 31, 2015
Materials: Three-layer coating repels water and fire and heals itself
March 30, 2015
Synthesis: Chemists turn cobalt (III) complexes into chiral hydrogen-bond-donor catalysts
March 30, 2015
ACS Meeting News: 3M and Dioxide Materials team up in an industry effort to find an economical use for carbon dioxide emissions
March 30, 2015
ACS Meeting News: Approach enables study of the role of α-synuclein nitration in Parkinson’s disease

March 30, 2015
ACS Meeting News: Chemical engineers carbonize polymer packaging to make lithium battery electrodes
March 30, 2015
ACS Meeting News: Chemists create compounds capable of binding both coreceptors HIV uses to infect T cells

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