Science & Technology

January 16, 2017
Scientists use nanomaterials to fashion wearable devices that harvest energy from motion
By Bethany Halford
January 20, 2017
Decreased pollution from coal-fired power plants has led to a decline in the region’s atmospheric mercury since 2000
January 19, 2017
Injectable material can be repeatedly stimulated with near-infrared light to release painkillers
January 16, 2017
Magnesium silicide particles can react with oxygen in acidic tumor environments
January 16, 2017
New chelating ligand stabilizes zerovalent chromium, dramatically lengthening the excited-state lifetime for first-row transition metals
January 16, 2017
Popular cost-saving version of computational method now gives better predictions of semiconductor properties
January 16, 2017
By recreating recipes for gumtion oil paint, researchers discovered how a formulation change revolutionized painting

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