How do some animals glow?

C&EN’s Speaking of Chemistry illuminates the biochemical distinctions between fluorescence and bioluminescence

‘Magic mushroom’ enzyme mystery solved

Researchers unravel the biosynthesis of the psychoactive drug psilocybin, making large-scale production a possibility

Periodic graphics: The chemistry of air-conditioning

Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning explains how refrigerants help keep us cool on hot summer days

Trump disbands manufacturing council

Decision follows exodus started by Merck CEO Frazier after Charlottesville violence

Chemistry explains why you shouldn’t stare at the solar eclipse without protection

Looking at the sun can set off damaging radical reactions in the eye

Researchers estimate lead released from Flint water pipes

Lack of orthophosphate corrosion control contributed to city’s water crisis, according to new analysis

Chemistry preprint servers launched

Beta ChemRxiv site and ChemRN are now accepting manuscripts from the chemistry community ahead of peer review

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