January 22, 2007 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News

American Chemical Society Appoints New Editor-In-Chief For C&EN

The American Chemical Society has appointed Bibiana Campos-Seijo as the new editor-in-chief of Chemical & Engineering News. Currently editor and publisher of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Chemistry World magazine, she will move to C&EN in December.

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January 22, 2007 Issue

Volume 85, Issue 4
January 22, 2007 Issue, Vol. 85 | Iss. 4
Drugmakers are paving the way to more streamlined manufacturing via culture change in R&D
By Rick Mullin
(pp. 11-17)
Government & Policy
Democrats pledge to tackle long-term budget challenges, increase oversight of Administration programs (pp. 27-34)
Science & Technology
Particles and gas harvested during Stardust mission were formed in a turbulent early solar system (pp. 41-42)
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News of the Week

Observing Earth Via Satellite

Continued funding constraints will impede earth science studies

Drug Companies Advance Diabetes Strategies

Partners back small molecules, another firm targets proteins

Wrinkled Skins

Ion beams create surface patterns for building biosensors and other devices

Secret of White Beetle Revealed

Insect's bright white scales are due to randomly oriented fibers

Nanoparticles Act Like Atoms

Gold spheres, bestowed with valency, are strung together in polymer-like chain



Science & Technology

Researchers unearth anotherstratum of meaning in the genetic code
(pp. 38-40)
Particles and gas harvested during Stardust mission were formed in a turbulent early solar system
(pp. 41-42)

Career & Employment

Despite slow hiring, job seekers with top skills and biology background attract recruiters' attention
(pp. 62-65)

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