March 12, 2007 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News

American Chemical Society Appoints New Editor-In-Chief For C&EN

The American Chemical Society has appointed Bibiana Campos-Seijo as the new editor-in-chief of Chemical & Engineering News. Currently editor and publisher of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Chemistry World magazine, she will move to C&EN in December.

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March 12, 2007 Issue

Volume 85, Issue 11
March 12, 2007 Issue, Vol. 85 | Iss. 11
Better funded and infused with returning expatriates trained overseas, China's pharmaceutical industry is gaining strength
By Jean-François Tremblay
(pp. 15-19)
Government & Policy
Unusual cross-disciplinary meeting explores effects of environmental compounds on human development and reproduction (pp. 29-32)
Science & Technology
Ethics violations by a chemist in Sweden highlight science's unpreparedness to deal with misconduct (pp. 35-38)
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News of the Week

Snapshots Of A Membrane Protein

First glimpses of cell-wall-forming enzyme will aid search for new antibiotics

China Admits Setback

Premier vows country will try harder to meet environmental goals

Made-To-Order Histones

Method for installing methyl marks will shed light on DNA packaging

REACH's Impacts

Europe's new chemicals regulation will increase business risks for industry, report says

Elsevier Acquires Beilstein Database

Publisher purchases organic chemistry database from its partner

Treatment For Alcohol Abuse

Experimental drug curbs excessive alcohol use in rats

Conflict Of Interest

Consulting firm assisting review of bisphenol A risks also works for compound's manufacturers

Silicon From Sea Life

Reduction transforms algae's silica skeletons into high-tech material



Science & Technology

Ethics violations by a chemist in Sweden highlight science's unpreparedness to deal with misconduct
(pp. 35-38)
Equipment makers offer lab asset management services to assist customers
Fossilized resin from trees is prized for its use in jewelry and science

Career & Employment

Don't wait for Uncle Sam to come knocking
Web Exclusive
Attention B.S. and M.S. chemists: Uncle Sam wants you! If you haven't heard that, you're not alone
(pp. 47-50)