December 21, 2009 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News

What Is Tinsel Made Of? Speaking of Chemistry Ep. 12

How is the shiny tinsel that decorates many Christmas trees made? Find out all about tinsel's chemistry history in this very special holiday episode of Speaking of Chemistry.

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December 21, 2009 Issue

Volume 87, Issue 51
December 21, 2009 Issue, Vol. 87 | Iss. 51
Believers, deniers, and doubters view the scientific forecast from different angles
By Stephen K. Ritter
(pp. 11-21)
Although one of the worst years in memory for the chemical industry, 2009 had a few bright spots (pp. 24-29)
Science & Technology
 (pp. 35-39)
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News of the Week

Copenhagen Call For Action

Climate Change: Negotiators sweat the details as clock ticks down

Regiodivergent Reaction

Catalysis: Aziridine ring opening discriminates between enantiomers

Reorganization Complications

Bankruptcy: LyondellBasell and Tronox work with creditors while possible buyers look on



Government & Policy

Senate considers some dozen bills with a strong tie between jobs and energy
Congress sets agencies up with research funds, struggles with other matters


Author outlines the pitfalls of doing business with chinese manufacturers
(pp. 41-42)