November 12, 2012 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News

What Is Tinsel Made Of? Speaking of Chemistry Ep. 12

How is the shiny tinsel that decorates many Christmas trees made? Find out all about tinsel's chemistry history in this very special holiday episode of Speaking of Chemistry.

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November 12, 2012 Issue

Volume 90, Issue 46
November 12, 2012 Issue, Vol. 90 | Iss. 46
Chemistry and biology have merged with high-powered statistical analysis in drug discovery labs
By Rick Mullin
(pp. 11-14)
Chemical firms outline restructurings and layoffs, as they report ongoing weakness in earnings (pp. 18-20)
Science & Technology
Public participation in chemical research drives discoveries in solar fuels, environmental health, and more (pp. 30-32)
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News of the Week

Obama Wins, Congress Remains Split

Elections: U.S. votes to keep status quo, politicians promise bipartisanship

A Big Bet On Nitrogen Fertilizer

Agriculture: CF Industries will plow $3.8 billion into U.S. facilities to make ammonia and related products from natural gas

Methane-Munching Microbes Reduce Sulfur

Climate: Seafloor archaea couple chemistry to produce zero-valent sulfur

Molecular Building Blocks Self-Assemble Into Trefoil Knot

Organic Chemistry: Hydrophobic effect drives spontaneous formation of three-loop knot

Ziarco Launches With Pfizer Allergy Assets

Small firm is the latest start-up to emerge from shuttered Sandwich, U.K., site

Proteins Made To Order

Design Rules: Principles integrate structure and function from the ground up

Chemical Company Sales, Profits Shrink In Japan

Finance: Global slowdown takes toll on major Japanese chemical firms

Temperature- Or pH-Guided Protein Self-Assembly

Modifications enable alternative mechanisms that yield distinct sizes


Government & Policy

Upcoming NASA mission will answer decades-old question about light at the lunar horizon seen by Apollo astronauts
Chemical safety board objects to time lost complying with EPA Inspector General audits