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January 16, 2017 Issue

Volume 95, Issue 3
January 16, 2017 Issue, Vol. 95 | Iss. 3
Here’s how Congress and Trump could affect the chemistry enterprise
By Government & Policy Department
(pp. 24-31)
Science & Technology
Scientists use nanomaterials to fashion wearable devices that harvest energy from motion  (pp. 15-17)
Career & Employment
Chemjobber on fighting the temptation to work long hours in the lab (p.22)
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News of the Week

Braiding a molecular knot

Chemists up the complexity of these tangled structures by weaving three strands together instead of just two

Aptamer-based sensors could measure drug levels in real time

General sensor platform makes measurements in awake animals and doesn’t depend on specific target’s chemistry

Researchers solve a cancer conundrum

As cells turn cancerous, ribosome regulators force the cellular machines to preferentially produce cancer proteins

Process mimics spider silk spinning

Combining parts of silk proteins from various spider species improves production of artificial silk

Sweeter hookups between sugars using a macrocyclic catalyst

Bis-thiourea compound helps stereospecifically build β-glycoside sugar linkages

China jails managers for pollution

Case provides a look into how some companies evade environmental regulations

J&J sets up NYC biotech incubator with partners

Pharma company establishes seventh JLABS location to house start-ups

DuPont to pour $200 million into the Experimental Station

Investment is meant to attract third parties to the legendary site

Healthcare conference brings deal deluge

But industry optimism is tempered by Trump comments on drug pricing

OSHA sets lower beryllium exposure limit

Agency estimates that rule will save the lives of 94 workers annually

White House updates biotech oversight plans

First update in decades clarifies, but doesn’t change, genetic engineering regulations



ACS undergraduate guidelines now require programs to cover macromolecular, supramolecular, mesoscale, and nanoscale systems
(pp. 20-21)

Career & Employment

Chemjobber on fighting the temptation to work long hours in the lab

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