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July 27, 2016

Structures of ‘hot’ cancer target solved

Knowing HDAC6’s configuration could help researchers design therapeutics

July 27, 2016

For a new twist on a common lab tool, evaporation is friend, not foe

Relying on evaporation to mix droplets balancing on tiny pillars could offer advantages over microplates used for diagnostic and other assays

July 25, 2016

Analysis provides a glimpse at the lifestyle of our single-celled ancestors

Researchers discover that the last universal common ancestor between bacteria and archaea likely lived in a hydrothermal vent, fixed nitrogen, and relied on hydrogen and carbon dioxide

July 25, 2016

Adding a catalytic membrane to lithium-air batteries improves performance

Preventing buildup of harmful products boosts battery efficiency and lifetime

July 25, 2016

Cave dripwater may contain fire evidence

Heightened water evaporation rates leaves its mark on oxygen isotope ratio

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