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November 27, 2016

Diet and microbiome conspire to modify epigenetics

Short-chain fatty acids produced by the mouse microbiome in response to diet alter acetylation and methylation on histone proteins

November 23, 2016

Young blood may not cure aging ills after all

New method for mouse blood exchange could clear up conflicts in past experiments

November 21, 2016

What will it take to find a human pheromone?

Despite decades of research into chemical communication, scientists are no closer to determining whether a human pheromone exists

November 17, 2016

Synthetic biology pulls carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere

A suite of enzymes borrowed from humans, plants, and other life-forms can turn the greenhouse gas into industrial building block chemicals

November 17, 2016

X-ray technique captures fast ligand-binding dynamics

Rapid mixing device combined with tiny crystals enables researchers to watch riboswitch in action

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