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August 27, 2015

Chemists Iron Out [2+2] Cycloadditions

Organic Synthesis: Tunable catalyst simplifies turning commodity alkenes into cyclobutane building blocks

August 27, 2015

Red Fireworks Go Green

Environmental Science: Ditching chlorine-based ingredients in red pyrotechnics avoids the production of carcinogenic chemicals in the fallout

August 24, 2015

Potential Antialcoholism Agents Found

ACS Meeting News: β-Carbolines reduce alcohol consumption in rats without side effects

August 24, 2015

MOF Phosphor Improves On Light-Emitting Diodes

ACS Meeting News: Immobilizing an organic chromophore in a metal-organic framework leads to efficient, environmentally friendlier LEDs

August 24, 2015

Green In 2015

Success Stories: The 2015 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards

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