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June 20, 2017

Polymer network captures drinking water contaminant

Cross-linked cyclodextrin removes 99% of the perfluorinated chemical PFOA from water in lab tests

June 16, 2017

More moves with metathesis

Chemists swap substituents on C–S and C–P bonds

June 16, 2017

FDA takes aim at opioid epidemic

Agency wants to pull opioid from market because it says the drug’s benefits don’t outweigh its risks

June 16, 2017

Flow chemistry reaches manufacturing milestone

Lilly chemists make chemotherapy drug candidate in a multistep continuous flow process using current Good Manufacturing Practices

May 22, 2017

New radical iodoamide reagent conquers challenging iodoalkane synthesis

Hydantoin derivative is the first compound capable of direct C–H iodination of linear and cyclic alkanes

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