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September 2, 2015

First Metal-Organic Framework Made With Protein

Bioinorganic Chemistry: Engineered protein, metal ion, and linker form new type of hybrid material

September 1, 2015

New Easy-To-Clean Membrane Separates Oil From Water

Materials: A self-cleaning polymer coating could be a new tool for fighting oil spills

August 31, 2015

Worker Bees’ Chemical Castration

Biochemistry: Compound in food fed to worker bee larvae interferes with ovary development

August 31, 2015

All-Metal Sandwich Is Now On The Menu

Inorganic Clusters: A prismatic gold-antimony complex sets a precedent for metallocene-like molecules

August 31, 2015

From Coal To Chemical Building Blocks: An Academic Success Story For China

Technology to convert coal-derived methanol into olefins is a big win for academics

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