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For director-at-large: Milagros (Milly) Delgado

by Milagros (Milly) Delgado, candidate for director-at-large
September 9, 2022 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 100, Issue 32


Milagros (Milly) Delgado.
Credit: Courtesy of Milly Delgado
Milagros (Milly) Delgado

South Florida Section. Florida International University, Biscayne Bay Campus, North Miami, Florida.

Academic record: University of Puerto Rico, BS, 1980; University of Miami, PhD, 1987.

Honors: Florida International University Faculty Award for Excellence in Advising and Mentoring, 2022; ACS Fellow, 2018; ACS Zaida C. Morales–Martinez Prize for Outstanding Mentoring to the ACS Scholars, 2015; Outstanding Service Award, ACS South Florida Section, 2015; Outstanding Outreach Volunteer Award, ACS South Florida Section, 2014; Florida International University Outstanding Life Achievement Award for Service with Student Chapter, 2019; Florida International University Worlds Ahead Leading by Example Award with Student Chapter, 2019; Florida International University College of Arts, Science, and Education, Service Award, 2019, 2016, Teaching Award 2018, Community Engagement Award, 2017; Howard Hughes Medical Institute Stem Founding Fellow 2015; Florida International University Teaching Improvement Program Award, 1997; Florida International University Finalist, Service Award 1997; Florida International University Excellence in Teaching Award, 1995; McKnight Fellow, 1993; Sigma Xi.

Professional positions (for the past 10 years): Florida International University, director of undergraduate studies, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 2018–, teaching professor, 2018–, senior lecturer, 2012–18, lecturer, 1994–2011.

Service in ACS national offices: Committee on Education, member, 2017–23, associate, 1998–2000, committee associate, 2016; Committee on Nominations and Elections, member, 2010–15, vice–chair, 2015, secretary, 2013–14; Committee on Committees, 2004–09; Committee on Project SEED, 1995–2003, chair, 2001–03, committee associate, 1994; Committee on Minority Affairs, 1998–2004, committee associate, 1997; Task Force on National Committee Restructuring, 2008.

Service in ACS offices: South Florida Section: councilor, 1996–2022; secretary, 2008–21; Illustrated Poem Contests, chair, 2013–; ACS Roundtable on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect, 2022; ACS Scholars Mentor and Selection Committee, 2001–; ACS New Faculty Workshop, vice–chair, 2020–, member, 2016–; National Awards, Canvassing Committee on Encouraging Minorities into Careers in Science, chair, 2009; Selection Committee on Encouraging Women into Careers in Science, 2009–12; Membership Subcommittee, chair, 1998–2010; Project SEED Scholarship Committee, 1995–2003, member, 1996–2000, chair.

Member: Member of ACS since 1984. Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans (SACNAS); Association of Women in Science; American Association of Chemistry Teachers. ACS Division: Chemical Education.

Related activities: ACS Scholar Program, mentor, 1994–; Marine Academy of Science and Technology at Florida International University Biscayne Bay Campus, Educational Excellence Advisory Council, 2015–; Miami Dade Public Schools, Citizen Advisory Committee, 2012–; Florida International University’s Biscayne Bay Campus ACS Student Chapter, advisor, 2001–; National Chemistry Week, Dade County, member, 1989–; Hands–On Inquiry–Based Chemistry workshop for High School Teachers, organizer, 2012–16; Leadership Subcommittee of ACS Committee on Committees, 2004–09; Miami–Dade County Public School Region 2, ACS Blue Ribbon Advisory Board of Committee on Diversity, 2000–04; Miami–Dade County Public School Science Advisory Board, 1998–2018; Miami–Dade County Public School Region 2, feeder pattern coordinator, 2003–05; Academy of the Art of Teaching, Advisory Board, 1997–2015.

Delgado’s statement

With great pride and enthusiasm, I am honored to be considered for the position of director-at-large of the American Chemical Society.

My long history of active ACS involvement has been instrumental in developing both my successful academic and professional careers. I attended my first ACS conference in Seattle, Washington, as an eager and passionate undergraduate student, traveling to the US from San Juan, Puerto Rico; with the support of ACS, I exceeded my academic and personal milestone goals. During the following years as a graduate student at the University of Miami, I forged forward to earn my PhD in chemistry. Presenting my research at national ACS meetings helped me focus and progress to complete my degree. Since then, ACS has continued to be at the epicenter of my continuing education and motivation as I strive to serve the academic chemistry community and provide guidance and mentorship to hundreds of students over the past 28 years at Florida International University in Miami, Florida.

I have represented the South Florida Section as a counselor for the past 28 years and served ACS in my professional capacity on various national committees. I was appointed to serve on four national committees, one of which I served as chair. I was also elected to the Committee on Committees and Nominations and Elections Committee. I have built priceless professional networks through my ACS committee service, and I believe this level of cohesiveness is vitally important to the growth and development of chemistry programs and professional careers in the industry.

Representation. As a bilingual educator, my language and cultural skills function as outreach tools to strengthen and reinforce the international and non–tenured faculty communities in governance, thus providing support to students and non–tenured faculty. I wish to contribute analyses and ideas to the conversation on diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect. These pillars represent some of the core values of ACS, of which I am proud to represent and further promote.

As the largest national scientific organization, and through its two signature programs—Project SEED and the ACS Scholars Program—ACS has achieved a participation increase in the number of underrepresented groups in chemistry. I have been actively involved with both programs. I was a member and chair of the Project SEED Committee, working with high school students in research. I have served the ACS Scholars Program since its inception as a committee member, a mentor, and a selection process facilitator. To date, more than 3,500 students are now ACS Scholars. At least 450 have earned PhDs, and at least 50 hold professional academic positions. With ACS’s strong support of the Scholars Program, the socio-economic and multicultural “face” of chemistry is changing positively. Evidence exists that diverse groups of scientists can more effectively address complex issues such as sustainability and climate change. In light of great progress, further guarantee is needed to ensure multicultural representation in academia and in industry.

ACS is positioned to enhance equity and inclusion in the chemical sciences by delivering programs and services that train leaders in equitable and inclusive practices. Mechanisms and continued evaluation are necessary to make chemistry more equitable and collaborative with sister societies such as the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native American in Science, National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers, American Indian Science and Engineering Society, and others.

Collaborations. The pandemic demonstrated that access to trusted scientific information and collaborations were essential in the development of the vaccines and boosters to save lives and rejuvenate society. The expeditious vaccine development allowed states to reopen businesses and increase face-to-face interaction in a safer environment.

In the wake of the pandemic, lifestyles were redefined as we learned to accept that uncertainty and isolation could make us more creative, resourceful, and resilient. We facilitated flexible work schedules and engaged in communication and collaborations across time zones utilizing essential technological advances. As a leader in information, ACS continues to increase the participation of international members in advocacy. As a society, we must ensure that the value of membership to all our constituents remains strong. Elected board members must collaborate and work together with existing members to advance the ACS Strategic Plan and its Core Values while maintaining financial solvency.

If elected, I will collaborate, communicate, and work tirelessly on behalf of ACS and its valued membership. I pledge to propose measures to increase participation, to emphasize the society’s relevance to prospective members, to welcome new members, and to address career advancement potential and pathways throughout the society. It is my goal to ensure that ACS reaches its goals. Please reach out to me with questions or comments at


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