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ACS News

ACS News

January 5, 2004 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 82, Issue 1

Committee Seeks Editor For JPC

The American Chemical Society Publications Division is seeking nominees for the position of editor of the Journal of Physical Chemistry. Mostafa El-Sayed of Georgia Institute of Technology, who has served in that position since 1980, has announced his intention to step down.

A search committee has been formed. The charge of this group is to serve as a canvassing committee and to come up with a short list of names in priority order, representing potential choices as editor.

According to Publications Division President Robert D. Bovenschulte, "An editor should have broad interests and be familiar with individuals working in many fields so that he or she is able to identify appropriate topics and persuade the best authors to cover them. In order to deal effectively with authors and reviewers, the editor of the journal should have excellent communication and organizational skills and be able to work effectively with different communities that will publish in the journal."

Theodore L. Brown, emeritus professor of chemistry at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, will chair the committee that will discuss nominees and determine the strongest candidates. With that in mind, the ACS Publications Division is asking the chemistry community to send nominations for the editorship to the committee's staff liaison, Mary E. Scanlan, by Jan. 26. Please include any information on suggested candidates, particularly nonacademic individuals.

Other members of the search committee include Paul F. Barbara, University of Texas, Austin; Emily A. Carter, University of California, Los Angeles; Sylvia T. Ceyer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; F. Fleming Crim, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Stephen R. Leone, University of California, Berkeley; Josef Michl, University of Colorado, Boulder; Mark A. Ratner, Northwestern University; Geraldine L. Richmond, University of Oregon; and John C. Tully, Yale University.

Send nominations to Mary E. Scanlan, American Chemical Society, 1155--16th St., N.W., Washington, DC 20036; phone (202) 872-4614; fax (202) 776-8364; e-mail:


Summer School On Green Chemistry

The ACS Petroleum Research Fund is sponsoring a summer school on green chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University, July 31–Aug. 7. There are no program fees for this summer school; transportation, housing, and meals are included.

The weeklong program will feature activities designed to provide a solid foundation in green chemistry and will include presentations by leading researchers and educators, laboratory experiments, collaborative problem-solving projects, student presentations, and discussions on the role of green chemistry in solving global challenges.

The ACS-PRF Summer School on Green Chemistry is open to graduate and postdoctoral students in the Americas. Applicants should be interested in developing collegial relationships that will result in future collaborations.

Applicants should send a curriculum vita or résumé including the following:

◾ Name, department, institution, faculty adviser, mailing address, telephone, fax, and e-mail address of applicant.
◾ Degrees and education experience, including transcript of graduate courses.
◾ Industrial experience (if any).
◾ English-language training.

These materials must be accompanied by a letter of nomination from the student's faculty adviser, and a brief (one-page) essay by the student concerning his or her interest in green chemistry, including any previous experience with the field, and how he or she will benefit from participation in the summer school.

Electronic applications are preferred and should be sent to

Deadline for receipt of applications is Feb. 2. Notification of acceptance will be made on or before March 1. Further information can be found at

If electronic submission is not possible, please send the completed application to Mary Kirchhoff, Green Chemistry Institute, American Chemical Society, 1155--16th St., N.W., Washington, DC 20036.


ACS Board Committee Assignments 2004

ACS Board of Directors members serve on various society committees and board standing committees. The 2004 assignments for board members are listed.

Judith L. Benham--Grants & Awards (G&A), member; Professional & Member Relations (P&MR), member; Budget & Finance (B&F), chair.

James D. Burke--Board of directors, chair; Board Executive Committee (EC) member; B&F, member.

William F. Carroll Jr.--President-elect; EC, member; P&MR, member; B&F member.

Charles P. Casey--President; EC, member; Public Affairs & Public Relations (PA&PR), member; B&F, member.

Dennis Chamot--EC, member; PA&PR, member; B&F, associate.

Nancy B. Jackson--G&A, member; PA&PR, member.

Paul Jones--P&MR, member; PA&PR, member; B&F, associate.

Madeleine Joullie--G&A, member; PA&PR, member.

C. Gordon McCarty--EC, member; G&A, chair; Society Committee on Education, member.

Nina I. McClelland--P&MR, member; B&F, consultant.

Anne T. O'Brien--P&MR, chair; B&F, member.

Stanley H. Pine--G&A, member; B&F, member.

Elsa Reichmanis--Immediate past-president; EC, member; G&A, member; PA&PR, member.

Diane Grob Schmidt--EC, member; P&MR, member; PA&PR, chair.

Madeleine Jacobs--Executive director; EC, member.

In addition, there is one vacancy on the board of directors. Details on the special election to be held for this at-large seat can be found in C&EN, Dec. 1, 2003, page 9.



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