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New Products


by Melissa Braddock
April 12, 2004 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 82, Issue 15

Chemicals and materials

EXTERIOR COATING Water-borne coating provides medium- to long-term outdoor protection from corrosion, humidity, salt, and UV radiation and can be removed with alkaline cleaners. The coating is a complex mixture of nontoxic, organic inhibitors formulated with an acrylic polymer. It dries to a resilient, tack-free coating in 30 to 60 minutes. Cortec,

MAGNETS Rare-earth tube magnets improve on previous models with a greater holding force, higher gauss rating, and improved separation efficiency. Manufacturers in the food, pharmaceutical, mining, foundry, and chemical industries use powerful magnetic separation equipment to remove contaminants. Free on-site pull tests of permanent magnets are available. Eriez,

MICROFOIL Ultrathin foil made from any of 31 elements is available for use in a range of specialized research and industry applications. Mounted on a 3.5- m polyester support, the foil is more than 99.9% pure and available in thicknesses ranging from 0.001 to 1.0 mm. Goodfellow,

POLYAMIDE GRADES Two new polyamide grades are specifically designed for water-injected cooling pipes. Even glass-fiber coverage by the polymer, along with a constant wall thickness free of water inclusion, results in reduced pressure loss in the cooling circuit, reduced water pump size, and a reduced risk of cooling-fluid pollution by glass fibers. Rhodia,

Literature and services


WORKSPACE PRODUCTS Condensed 56-page catalog features products that are carried in stock for immediate shipment, featuring storage cabinets, workstations, shop furniture, tool storage, shelving, and racks. All are pictured and described in detail. Many offer a wide range of sizes and configurations to meet specific requirements. Lyon Workspace Products,

ALLOY SELECTION Two updated, hard-surfacing alloy selector charts cover 50 nickel-based alloys. Data sheets include detailed information on physical and chemical properties, methods of application, and typical uses. Wall Colmonoy,

MOLECULAR AND CELL BIOLOGY Annual research products and services catalog includes products for sample preparation, PCR, transformation, nucleic acid purification, transfection, and gene expression. Growth media for bacteria, yeast, and plants are also available. Qbiogene,

SERVICE PLANS Program offers customers the choice of four levels of service agreements for their plant equipment, ranging from the basic "one star" to the comprehensive "four star." All include time with customer service experts; the amount of time increases with each level. Each package addresses spare parts, repair, and service and is designed to minimize downtime. Alfa Laval,

Instruments and labware


MICROFLUORIMETER CELLS These glass or quartz cells have four optically polished windows and a thin base to allow close coupling of a magnetic stirrer. With the appropriate adapter, cells can be used in a standard 12.5-mm fluorimeter holder. The adapter aligns the cell in three dimensions to maximize sample excitation and has a black anodized finish to minimize stray light. Optiglass,


SAMPLING Autosampler for gas chromatography provides advanced robotic control of vial and syringe operations. Configurations are available for liquid injection, headspace injection, or a combination. System allows automatic alignment procedures and self-recognition of available accessories. Thermo Electron,

POLYMER ANALYSIS System delivers fast and accurate average molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity in three to five minutes, without the need for elaborate sample preparation. It can be used for high-throughput screening, as well as for routine process and quality control. Viscotek,

GLASS BOTTLES Versatile containers made from Type II soda lime are available in an array of sizes, with gradations in both milliliters and ounces. They can be used as sample bottles and for storage of dry powders, soil samples, and specimens. A wide assortment of caps and liners is also available. Wheaton Science Products,

Plant materials and equipment


EXTRUDER Thermoplastic extruder features swing-arm controls for ease of operation and setup. All extruders employ a heavy-duty front barrel support with bidirectional alignment and are equipped with a four-bolt swing gate, easy-close hopper slide, and spill-proof hopper drain. Diamond America,

CONVEYOR With its drive gears formed directly into the rollers, the PosiGrip accumulation conveyor has no separate sprockets or gears and no welded drive components. It features noncontact, zero-pressure accumulation for unit loads up to 400 lb. Rollers are powered by smooth-operating synchronous belting. No lubrication is required. TKF,

LABELER High-speed, pressure-sensitive labeler for pharmaceutical, food, and chemical products features a servo-driven dispenser that allows faster line speeds. Unit is easy to clean, with a sanitary-style raised-bed conveyor and stainless steel construction. A color touch screen operator interface and a graphic alarm for simple diagnostics maximize ease of use. NJM/CLI,

PURGE-AND-TRAP Sample concentrator for volatile organic carbon analysis adds new features including a full-color, touch-screen, Windows-based interface; automated pH measurement of water samples; liquid sensing to prevent overfills; and simplified maintenance. O. I. Analytical,

New Products is written by Melissa Braddock, who can be reached at



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