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2004 Chemagination Winners Announced

February 28, 2005 | APPEARED IN VOLUME 83, ISSUE 9

Winners of the 2004 chemagination contest for high school students have been announced by ACS's Office of Community Activities (OCA). Chemagination challenges students to write an article and develop a cover concept for ChemMatters magazine about a chemistry development that might happen 25 years from now. The subject of the article, according to contest guidelines, is the following: "Describe a recent breakthrough or innovation in chemistry (and/or its applications) and how it has improved the quality of people's lives today."

Awards are given out in four categories--biotechnology, medicine/health care, new materials, and transportation/environment--and each project is judged both on the quality of content submitted and an oral defense of the project. Winners of local section contests competed at regional meetings, and top concepts subsequently went on to a national contest.

The winners are the following:

* Biotechnology: "Subterranea Mania!--Subterranean climate modulation will change Mars's atmosphere to make living on a different world possible," from Hopewell Valley Central High School, Pennington, N.J. Students: Carrie O'Connor and Samantha Stout; adviser: Lillian Rankel.

* Medicine/Health Care: "Insta-Skin--A cream that heals cuts rapidly by accelerating the rate of cell division in skin cells," from Albert Einstein High School, Kensington, Md. Students: Phebe Brenne, Zachary Kemmer, and Philip Zakas; advisers: Liz Boyle, Ann Coren, and Scott Soderholm.

* New Materials: "Dude! Where Is My Chlorine?--Prevention of formation of dioxin by mixing PET capsules with enzymes into PVC during production," from Thomas S. Wootton High School, Rockville, Md. Students: Daniel Hsiao, Amy Luo, and Allen Tsaur; adviser: Jackie Alton.

* Transportation/Environment: "Aluminoid-Made Cars for the Next Generation," from Koinonia Homeschool Group, Rockford, Mich. Students: Kyle Dee and Luke Duimstra; adviser: Sheri Dee.

OCA is encouraging schools and local sections to hold new Chemagination contests before April. These contests require a level of effort similar to a science fair; local sections will be asked to sponsor finalist participation in regional contests. More information can be found at, by contacting the chair of the local ACS section, or from the Office of Community Activities at or (800) 227-5558 ext. 4458.




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