Volume 84 Issue 17 | pp. 46-47
Issue Date: April 24, 2006

From Manuscript To Journal Publication

Much of the process is automated, but technical editors still read every word of the manuscript
Department: Science & Technology, ACS News

A boisterous whoop of glee. A quiet sigh of relief. A glass of beer. Another experiment. Researchers react in various ways when they receive word that a journal has accepted their group's latest submission. They may be largely unaware of the metamorphosis that a peer-reviewed manuscript will undergo before it is published on the Web or in print.

Joseph E. Yurvati of the American Chemical Society's Journal Production & Manufacturing Operations demystified the steps of . . .

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ACS Journals At A Glance

ACS started publishing journals in 1879.

Sixty-one percent of the corresponding authors are outside the U.S.

In 2005, ACS published 34 different journals, which consisted of 29,302 papers totaling 226,114 printed pages.

In 2006, ACS Chemical Biology became the society's 35th journal, and two other journals—Biomacromolecules and the Journal of Proteome Research—increased the frequency of their print publications.

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