Volume 87 Issue 26 | p. 26 | Concentrates
Issue Date: June 29, 2009

Still Hope For Salty Water On Enceladus

Results of two searches for sodium in the gas and ice spewing from geysers on Saturn's moon keep alive the idea that it has a salty ocean
Department: Science & Technology
Keywords: Enceladus, Saturn, Cassini spacecraft

The results of two searches for sodium in the gas and ice grains spewing from geysers on the surface of Saturn's moon Enceladus keep alive the tantalizing hypothesis that a salty ocean may lie beneath the moon's icy surface. If true, this kind of environment might have the right conditions to support microbial life. Ice grains from the Enceladus plumes feed the faint, outermost "E" ring of Saturn, and the gaseous portion of the plume . . .

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