Volume 87 Issue 29 | p. 37 | Concentrates
Issue Date: July 20, 2009

Lysine Acetylation Gets A Big Boost

An in-depth look at lysine-acetylated proteins reveals that the modification regulates more cellular functions than previously thought
Department: Science & Technology
Keywords: posttranslational modification, protein acetylation

When proteins in a cell are accessorized with methyl, phosphate, or acetyl groups, these so-called posttranslational modifications switch on or off major cellular functions, such as cell division or gene expression. An in-depth look at proteins that get acetylated at their lysine residues now reveals that this form of posttranslational modification regulates a much more diverse portfolio of cellular functions than previously thought, says Chunaram Choudhary, who conducted the study with Matthias Mann of the . . .

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