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Issue Date: May 16, 2011

Cyclic Siloxanes

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Your March 31 online story “An Emerging Pollutant Circles the Globe” selectively reported on a recent study regarding cyclic siloxanes and their potential for impact on the environment (C&EN Online Latest News). The Silicones Environmental Health & Safety Council (SEHSC) would like to provide additional context.

The bottom line is that based on the totality of the research, at the levels at which these materials are found in the environment they do not impact human health, wildlife, or the environment. More than 130 studies have been performed on the potential health and environmental impacts of D4 and D5 (cyclic siloxanes commonly used in personal care and other products). The studies show that D4 and D5 do not pose a risk to the environment and that they are safe for use in appropriate cosmetic, industrial, and consumer product applications when used in accordance with accepted health and safety principles. As well, the Canadian minister of health and the U.K. Environment Authority have stated that D4 and D5 do not pose a risk to human health.

For years, our industry has led the way in supporting robust research on these compounds. No one has a greater stake in ensuring the safety of siloxanes more than we do. After considering all of the research, we do not believe there is any basis to regulate or disparage our members’ products.

Karluss Thomas, executive director

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