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Nominations & Elections

by Jack H. Breazeale
July 11, 2011 | APPEARED IN VOLUME 89, ISSUE 28

The Town Hall Meeting held on Sunday, March 27, was very successful with excellent feedback from the Committee on Nominations & Elections (N&E) nominees for president-elect. Questions that were submitted at the Town Hall Meeting by the audience (including unused questions) will be provided to all nominees. N&E is considering ways to improve the Town Hall Meetings and welcomes feedback.

N&E is responsible for reviewing annually the distribution of member populations within the six electoral districts to ensure that the districts have equitable representation. According to Bylaw V, Section 4(a), the member population of each electoral district must be within 10% of the average number of members residing in each district. The six electoral districts are in compliance.

N&E continues to remind all ACS technical divisions and local sections that their elections must be conducted in compliance with their bylaws.

The committee developed slates of potential candidates for the Council Policy Committee (CPC) and the Committee on Committees (ConC) for 2012–14 terms. These slates will appear in the fall council agenda.

N&E solicits councilors’ input about qualified individuals for president-elect and/or directors for future consideration. Please submit these names to the committee at

N&E considered CPC’s Subcommittee on Constitution & Bylaws Report on Recorded Vote with Clickers, and voted to support the guidelines as presented.

N&E considered the “Petition on Position Statements, Bylaw XII” but took no position on this petition.

N&E is considering possible changes to board nominee and candidate eligibility. N&E currently does not consider more than one candidate or nominee for board member or president-elect from the same local section or employer within the same election year. N&E is considering whether there should be a limit for the number of board members or former board members being nominees or candidates for the same position at one time. As well, N&E is considering whether there should be a time period between being a board member and being a nominee for president-elect. N&E solicits your feedback on this issue. Please contact the committee at



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