Volume 89 Issue 29 | pp. 19-20
Issue Date: July 18, 2011

Algae Plans Bloom

From personal care to fish food, algae firms look for ways to make profits quickly
Department: Business | Collection: Green Chemistry
Keywords: algae, biofuels, algal oil, personal care, nutraceuticals, animal feed, aquaculture, building block chemicals, plastics, start-ups, IPOs

Algae-growing cleantech firms are enjoying a burst of attention, triggered by Solazyme’s successful initial public offering (IPO) of stock in May. The firm, which raised $227 million from investors, first turned heads in 2008 when it brought a car running on algae-based biodiesel to the Sundance Film Festival. But it’s not fuel that fueled the IPO. Instead, investors and analysts were sold on skin cream and other products made from “tailored oils.”

Solazyme is . . .

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