Cataracts Via Protein Interactions | January 17, 2011 Issue - Vol. 89 Issue 3 | Chemical & Engineering News
Volume 89 Issue 3 | p. 36
Issue Date: January 17, 2011

Cataracts Via Protein Interactions

Experimental, theoretical tools reveal 
a new route to the eye disease
Department: Science & Technology
Keywords: cataract, crystallin

For some human cataracts caused by genetic mutation, the change in eye-lens opacity that results in the condition can be due to a protein interaction, researchers have found. Previously known mechanisms of cataract formation induced by genetic mutation involve problems with a single eye protein, such as damage, destabilization, or loss of solubility and consequent condensation of that one protein. The new study shows that cataracts also can arise from a mutation in the lens . . .

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