Volume 92 Issue 49 | p. 30 | Concentrates
Issue Date: December 8, 2014

Metal Nanoparticles Can Have Dipoles

Finding from a theoretical study provides a mechanism for substrate adsorption on catalyst surfaces
Department: Science & Technology
News Channels: Materials SCENE, Nano SCENE
Keywords: metal nanoclusters, dipole moment, partial charge, catalysis

The Pauling paradigm of chemical bonding holds that molecules made of identical atoms do not have ionic character. But a theoretical study from Donald G. Truhlar and Kaining Duanmu of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, shows that, in fact, metal nanoparticles actually can develop uneven charge distributions (J. Phys. Chem. C 2014, DOI:10.1021/jp511055k). Such particles can contain patches of partial . . .

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