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MRI Patients Flush Gadolinium Into San Francisco Bay

Pollution: Trend points to need to evaluate new wastewater policies and treatment technologies

by Jyllian Kemsley
January 25, 2016

Credit: Environ. Sci. Technol.
Gadolinium concentrations in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay have increased substantially in the last two decades.
Credit: Environ. Sci. Technol.
Gadolinium concentrations in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay have increased substantially in the last two decades.

Gadolinium contamination of the San Francisco Bay has increased significantly in the past decade, likely due to the element’s use in magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents, according to a water sample analysis (Environ. Sci. Technol. 2016, DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.5b04322).

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is commonly used to evaluate medical issues, such as knee injuries or digestive problems. But the imaging requires injection of a contrast agent, which is commonly a gadolinium complex. After the MRI is done, patients excrete the complex in urine and flush it to sewage.

Use of gadolinium contrast agents started in the late 1980s. Vanessa Hatje, now at the Federal University of Bahia, along with Kenneth W. Bruland and A. Russell Flegal at the University of California, Santa Cruz, looked for gadolinium and other rare earth elements in San Francisco Bay water samples collected from 1993 to 2013. In the southern part of the bay, which is surrounded by medical and industrial centers and receives their wastewater, all of the elements showed increases over the time period studied. Gadolinium in particular increased from 23.2 pmol/kg in 1993 to 171.4 pmol/kg in 2013.

Although little is known about rare earth element biogeochemistry and toxicology, the concentrations right now are low enough not to be much of a concern, the researchers note. However, the increases suggest that environmental regulators may need to consider new wastewater policies and treatment technologies.



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Catherine Nichols POGORZELSKI (January 26, 2016 9:44 PM)
This is NOT happening solely from was water in Imaging centers' direct vicinity but is from the thousands and millions of patients being given Contrast MRI's for their imaging procedures. I suggest they put a halt to ALL USE OF CONTRAST until they can ascertain just HOW MUCH is being retained in the patients' bodies as per the KANDA study. As patients need to know that these agents are not without their side effects, thy can then make informed decisions if they want to take the chance that irreparable harm may come to them if they proceed with the testing! It is my belief this is only the tip of the iceberg as it were.
Dave (April 13, 2017 12:39 PM)
Ya know if we had other options we would not be using Gd. At this point its either use contrast or miss cancer in pts...I wish it was not the case but as of now it is..
Hal Bender (January 27, 2016 11:10 PM)
Would it be feasible to have MRI patients collect their urine to have the gadolinium recovered rather than flushing it into the wastewater system?
Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski (February 3, 2016 11:32 AM)
No, of course that would not be feasible, but total elimination of the use of Gadolinium contrast becuase it causes irreversible bodily harm is preferable. We were told lies in that these substances were safely eliminated from the body and who's to know if one never gets tested afterwards? It is the patients who know their bodes are not right after receiving MRI's (some with immediate anaphylaxis and iejction site issues such as extravasation)
Any drug appearing in the body a full SEVEN years after the last use and in INCREASING amounts means something is wrong somewhere! As patients we can't even trust that our doctors will report this to the FDA, etc.There are people who have tested POSITIVE for this drug who have never directly been administered it for testing...

We are NOT going away, GE & Bayer KNEW of these side effects many years ago and have since paid off settlements as in the Decker case. THey also now have their own little study going on with teh NFL settlement package to study the players who sustain concussions, falsely reporting the concussions are why the players have dementia/ALzheimers etc when ti is the Gadolinium cuasing this TIME COMMENTS

TIME, it's about TIME!! Now with the water crisis in Flint coming to a head, why not make it a Trifecta and report on the Gadolinium in the water, not only in San Francisco but around the entire world, as shown in these reports, then put it all together in a huge glossy mid-year edition that ought to sell millions of copies!


They knew in 1997 up at Yale what this was doign re: Fibrosis they;d blame it on the patients initial presenting condition when tehy died, how many bodies are buried GE & BAYER?!?!

more next post
Sean (January 28, 2016 9:15 AM)
Enjoyed using this to promote our "pee free" gadolinium ingots. Thank you.

Barbara Debowski (January 28, 2016 1:13 PM)
How long does it take to excrete most of the gadolinium complex in urine?
Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski (February 3, 2016 11:44 AM)
I am just over seven years post last MRI with Gadolinium contrast (Multihance brand, all previous were Magnevist for 8 MRIs w/contrast) AND
It is STILL in me in HIGH amounts, it increased from the first testing to the second, whcih theoretically should NOT happen! Gadolinium is storing into the bones which leech it back into the body (laymen's terms) causing fibrosis, stenosis, scarring within artery walls, bloodflow issues, eventually having a stroke and blindess, so with it STILL Being inside the body, I'd say Death would be when it finally leaves the body to return to the earth!
It can be chelated in some patients but this also stirs up deposited Gadolinium causin more health issues.
If you have had any MRIs I suggest getting tested through Mayo MEdical docs order the testing the specimens travel you don't have to, within a week, report is sent back to the drawing hospital (they need to have an account with Mayo in order to bill!) Be forewarned, doctors will try to tell you this always happens to patients so it is no bodg deal or they will claim that you are 'HYPOCHONDRIACAL!"
J.Michael Carney (March 7, 2016 11:52 AM)
I wonder if Gadolinium is the cause of Morgellons disease ...I had read about this in 2009 in a warning by the fda was causing skin issues . This Morgellons is being researched by the Charles E Holman Foundation CEHF. They have linked this to lyme disease but there are many symptoms that don't seem to make any sence but do fit the NSF mri contrast dye disease symptoms . This research started in 2010 after recieving a mri with contrast in 2005 I have been suffering 11 years with NSF symtoms. Maybe some patients have a similar issue like WILSONS disease or Hemachromatosis .I have known about this in me for many years ...There literally thousands of patients that have not a clue of the cause or symptoms .This is a very sad time for us .....
Tyfani (June 6, 2016 7:39 PM)
Hello I just did MRI with contrast 20ml Multihance and was specifically told it wasn't harmful by the radiology tech who also told me I excrete it out in 24 hrs. I didn't because I am having some really weird reactions. This was my first MRI with contrast may 25, 2016 and today is June 6, 2016. I am worried. I try to stay positive I am struggling with what I see can happen to me. I am in CA would like to know if anyone is familiar with a Southern California group that is familiar with this Gadolinium Adverse reactions or conditions we develop after being lied to by doctors that it's safe. My symptoms include:
Wheezing, heavy chest, shortness breath, heavy and irritated veins, vibration feeling on my head/brain, loss of IQ, bone pain in my face, jaw, pelvis, feet, hands, neck and back. Feeling of hot metal burning my breast tissue under where my breast crease at abs. Bloated and constipation. Very dry female genitals, joint pain, yellow patch in right eye, aches and pains in my body, loss of appetite, slight depression.
Micki (July 26, 2016 4:05 PM)
just so frustrating for us who are suffering the effects of gadolinium toxicity.
Karol Firzgerald (July 26, 2016 8:49 PM)
Had my MRI on 12-1915... Gadolinium was extravated into my tissue. Still suffering the side effects of the contrast... Head pressure/pain, joint, muscle, deep bone pain, rib cage being squeezed, trouble walking, concentration, skin burning, electrical like shock feeling. In the beginning of my gad exposure I felt like I was dying. Every time I urinate I wonder how many ppl that it will effect! The use of gadolinium based contrast agents have to STOP! There are so many of us suffering from gadolinium toxicity. It has completely changed my life as well as my family & friends.
Judy Gerrity (November 26, 2016 3:08 AM)
My husband started to lose his ability to walk and talk within a short amount of time after His first MRI in 2012. He was misdiagnosed with ALS,MS, ATYPICAL PARKINSONS, MSA...and the list goes on. The MRI was initially preformed to rule out a possible genetic disorder. The first MRI came back normal...the second one showed atrophy at the brain stem. It wasn't until July of 2014 that we realized he had Gadolinium Toxicity through an EDTA provoked urinalysis. His levels are thousands of times higher than the contraindication packet stated they should be. We provoked 17% out in a two hour infusion and an 8 hour excretion. Unacceptable! He is presenting exactly like the rat studies that were done ....he has tremors, atrophy at the brain stem, seizures as well as losing his ability to walk and talk. We are doing an EDTA regimen 3x a week. I believe there are better methods to remove this toxin and I believe the pharmaceutical companies could be of significant help. The next generation of nano-particle agents are being studied; however they still have a risk of cyto toxicity. The fact that they we're able to change the contraindication packet to state that they are no longer responsible for leftover gadolinium in the brain or cellular death it may cause. Unexceptable! They were not FDA APPROVED under those guidelines.

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