Volume 95 Issue 11 | p. 7 | News of The Week
Issue Date: March 13, 2017 | Web Date: March 8, 2017

Magnetic data bit stored on single atom

Scanning probe study achieves ultimate in data-storage miniaturization
Department: Science & Technology
News Channels: Materials SCENE, Nano SCENE
Keywords: nanomaterials, data storage, magnetic materials, molecular electronics, 2-D materials

In the drive to cram ever more information into handy data-storage devices, researchers have reduced the size of a bit of data to the ultimate limit—a single atom (Nature 2017, DOI: 10.1038/nature21371). The study may lead to ways of increasing the data-storage density of devices such as computer hard drives, in which information is encoded in magnetic materials.

To store data on a computer hard drive, a device known . . .

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