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Issue Date: June 26, 2017

On smelly refrigerators

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A recent humorous Newscripts article concerning smelly refrigerators (C&EN, May 8, page 40) prompts me to suggest a simple cure. Cut a large hole in the lid of an empty plastic coffee can. To the can add 100 g of diatomaceous earth. Then add 50 g of conc. sulfuric acid. Stir the mixture with a spoon to evenly disperse the acid. The resulting powder should be free flowing. Stretch a porous cloth over the top of the can and use the cut lid as a retaining ring for the cloth. The odor remover acts by forming nonvolatile “-onium” salts of molecules containing oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, or double bonds. The odor absorber is placed in the bottom of a refrigerator and is useful for six to 12 months. It works a lot better than charcoal or paraffin shavings.

Albert Anderson
Wilmington, Del.


June 19, page 8: A production error led to a page from the Jan. 9 issue printing in place of the correct page of science concentrates from the June 19 issue. Read the stories missing from the June 19 print edition online at cenm.ag/solarcolors and cenm.ag/fdaopioid.

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