Catalyst activates tertiary C–H bonds | November 27, 2017 Issue - Vol. 95 Issue 47 | Chemical & Engineering News
Volume 95 Issue 47 | p. 7 | News of The Week
Issue Date: November 27, 2017 | Web Date: November 21, 2017

Catalyst activates tertiary C–H bonds

Dirhodium agent functionalizes specific bonds without need for nearby directing groups
Department: Science & Technology
Keywords: C–H activation, synthesis, secondary C–H bond, tertiary C–H bond

In recent years, chemists have devised powerful synthetic tools that activate C–H bonds to allow them to install new substituents. But many C–H bonds still cannot be functionalized selectively. Researchers have now expanded the C–H activation toolkit by developing a way to add groups to specific tertiary C–H bonds, carbon atoms bonded to three other carbons, without the usual need for directing groups to control selectivity.

Alkyl compounds often contain many fairly unreactive C–H bonds . . .

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