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Issue Date: November 29, 2017

Chemistry in Pictures: Otherworldly extraction

Department: Science & Technology
Keywords: fluorescence, ligand, silver, extraction, funnel
Credit: Miguel Pinto
A photo of a fluorscent ligand being extracted from a wispy beige solvent under UV light.
Credit: Miguel Pinto

Miguel Pinto of the University of California, Santa Cruz, captured this eerie image while trying to extract a fluorescent molecule under ultraviolet light. Pinto’s team is working to develop sensors for silver ions in water. These ligands fluoresce until they bind to the metal. Pinto was extracting the water-soluble ligands (above, blue) from dichloromethane in the separatory funnel shown here. He paused to check the mixture’s fluorescence with a handheld UV flashlight and took this photo.

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