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Consumer Products


Newscripts’ Holiday Gift Guide

by Bethany Halford
November 10, 2023 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 101, Issue 37


Holiday gift ideas

Chemistry-themed goodies for the scientists in your life

Playing cards

Who needs the queen of hearts when you’ve got the queen of benzene? This chemistry-themed deck of cards features prominent chemists and molecular suits, $17.50 from the OneCreativeAcademic shop on Etsy.

Playing cards that feature chemists and organic chemistry suits.
Credit: OneCreativeAcademic


These chemistry cat-themed pins are purrfect for decorating backpacks and book bags, $12.99 per 3 cm tall pin at the ItsKindaCatchyShoppe on Etsy.

Three pins that feature cats wearing lab coats and goggles. One cat wears a white lab coat and holds a blue flask; one cat wears a white lab coat and holds a pink flask; one cat wears a tie-dyed rainbow lab coat and holds a test tube rack.
Credit: ItsKindaCatchyShoppe


Stick important memos and papers to fridges and filing cabinets with these colorful flask-shaped tags backed with neodymium magnets, $9.75 for a set of 6 of the 1.75 cm tall magnets in rainbow colors from the yakitori store on Etsy.

Six round-bottom flask-shaped magnets in rainbow colors stacked on one another.
Credit: yakitori

Embroidered cap

Add molecular flair to your headwear with these embroidered caps from the embroideredchem shop on Etsy. Customize the molecule for $25 or choose from favorites like caffeine for $22.

A black baseball hat embroidered with a white structure of dopamine and small flowers.
Credit: Embroideredchem

Whiskey glass

Toast the evolution of the molecular model with these decorative glasses, $17.95 each or 4 for $64 from Cognitive Surplus.

A clear whiskey glass with illustrations of atomic models in gold.
Credit: Cognitive Surplus

Drip coffee tower

Impress your friends with a filtrate they can drink, thanks to this cold brew drip coffee tower, $124.99 from The Calculated Chemist.

Appartus that uses chemical glassware to make drip cold brew coffee.
Credit: The Calculated Chemist


Warm your toes with socks that feature chemists’ unofficial mascots, Beaker and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, $19.99 from Rock ‘Em Socks.

Mid-calf-length socks that feature the images of Muppets Beaker and Bunsen with chemical structures and paraphernalia.
Credit: Rock 'Em Socks

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