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Critter Chemistry
October 19, 2015
Scientists study what earthworms, the chemical engineers of the underground, are doing in the dirt
By Stephen K. Ritter
October 12, 2015
Natural Products: Although known for their paralyzing polypeptides, cone snails also use a guanine derivative to disable their prey
September 28, 2015
Environment: Intensive analysis of substance found on birds earlier this year fingers polymerized vegetable oil
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September 21, 2015
Environment: Methylmercury that accumulates in the marine creatures’ hair causes spikes of the neurotoxin near breeding ground
September 21, 2015
Materials Science: Insects incorporate nanoparticles into fiber, making it stronger and more resistant to UV radiation
September 21, 2015
Study showing how a sea slug chemically sniffs out its seaweed prey highlights the emerging field of marine chemical ecology
September 14, 2015
Paleochemistry: Analytical methods confirm Mesozoic melanin survived in dinosaur remains
September 14, 2015
Chemical Ecology: Animals from insects to mammals independently evolved a similar defense strategy against cardiac glycosides, including the toxin in foxglove
September 7, 2015
Drug Discovery: Peptide may target phospholipids when attacking tumor cells

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