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Homeland Security
February 23, 2015
The release of poison gas 100 years ago changed the face of World War I and gave humanity a new weapon of mass destruction
By Sarah Everts
September 15, 2014
More than half of covered sites have security plans approved; 104 sites have opted to reduce risk instead
August 18, 2014
ACS Meeting News: Approach could aid customs officials and hurt the illegal-drug business
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July 28, 2014
Congress weighs a multiyear extension of the chemical facility antiterrorism program
June 2, 2014
Preliminary results will be tested in animals infected with the MERS coronavirus
May 13, 2014
Forensics: Using a color-change reaction, the device can detect nanogram quantities of trinitro aromatic explosives
April 3, 2014
Organic Synthesis: Chemists find that adding a salt affects aryl- and alkylzinc reagents differently
September 16, 2013
ACS Meeting News: Subtle signal shifts stemming from different counterions enables chemists to ID chemicals of concern
August 19, 2013
An airflow study of the New York City subway could improve responses to airborne chemical, radiological, and biological attacks or accidents

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