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October 19, 2015
Scientists study what earthworms, the chemical engineers of the underground, are doing in the dirt
By Stephen K. Ritter
October 12, 2015
Quorum Sensing: Predatory witchweed capitalizes on a protein receptor’s spacious binding pocket to detect a diversity of prey hormones
September 21, 2015
Environment: Methylmercury that accumulates in the marine creatures’ hair causes spikes of the neurotoxin near breeding ground
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September 10, 2015
Pesticides: EPA ordered to obtain more data on sulfoxaflor’s effects on bees
September 7, 2015
Green Catalysis: Iron nanoparticles containing traces of palladium facilitate workhorse reactions in a recyclable aqueous solution
August 31, 2015
Technology to convert coal-derived methanol into olefins is a big win for academics
August 24, 2015
Global Change: Satellite data shows record-breaking warmth continues
August 24, 2015
ACS Meeting News: Immobilizing an organic chromophore in a metal-organic framework leads to efficient, environmentally friendlier LEDs
August 17, 2015
Officials seek to manage expectations that new accord will avert catastrophic change

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