Chemistry in Pictures: Fireworks in a flask

by Manny Morone
June 13, 2018


Credit: Nikhil Gaikwad

Peering down the neck of a round-bottom flask reveals crystals that look like the finale of a firework show spreading across a night sky. Nikhil Gaikwad, a research scholar at the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, Hyderabad, came across these crystals of a chlorinated pyrrolopyrimidine while synthesizing potential anticancer agents. He generally uses dichloromethane to crystallize and purify his compounds after a chlorination reaction, but this time, Gaikwad decided to use chloroform. Instead of getting the usual needle-shape crystals, he was surprised to find these branching starbursts.

Submitted by Nikhil Gaikwad. See more of his chemistry photos on Instagram (@niksphotos9).

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