Meet Geraldine Richmond, 2018 Priestley Medalist

On her path to success in physical chemistry, Geri Richmond has never stopped working to pull others up with her

C&EN's coverage of the ACS meeting in New Orleans

Our reporters are on the ground in the Big Easy bringing you all the best science

Not-so-fantastic plastic: Europe is ready to shake up the plastics industry to resolve its failure to recycle

European Commission lays out its plan to recycle more than half of plastic by 2030, mulls a plastic tax

Third Rock-founded Rheos Medicines launches to tackle immunometabolism

The Cambridge-based biotech will first focus on inflammatory bowel disease and vitiligo

Astatine forms halogen bonds

Union between halogen and electron-donor could help develop radiotherapy agents that rely on the uncommon element

Monsanto joins with Pairwise to develop base-edited crops

Ag giant invests $100 million to use new gene editing tool on plants

New software could run the lab of the future

ChemOS helps chemists by letting robots perform experiments in their labs

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