Drug Discovery

Drugging the undruggable

Listen to the latest Stereo Chemistry episode that explores why certain drug targets are so vexing, and the cutting edge approaches chemists are taking to finally crack them


Periodic Graphics: The chemistry of slime

Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning wrings all the molecular details out of the popular goo

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Biobased Materials

World’s strongest biomaterial now comes from a tree

A new method creates superstrong fibers out of cellulose

Chemists synthesize Saturn-shaped molecule

Flat, macrocyclic host captures fullerene guest with CH–π interactions

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Greenhouse Gases

U.S. industries ask Trump administration to endorse global hydrofluorocarbon deal

With EPA regulation overturned in court, companies seek political backing for reducing HFC use domestically

California wildfires caused unexpected benzene contamination of drinking water

Experts urge water industry to study plastic pipes’ vulnerability

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Mysterious galactic radiation pinned on nanodiamonds

Spinning hydrogen-coated clusters of carbon atoms may be source of anomalous microwave emission spotted around our galaxy

Mechanisms for catalytic CO oxidation on platinum found at last

New surface chemistry method answers mechanistic questions that have eluded chemists for 40 years