Targeted protein degraders are redefining how small molecules look and act

The new modality promises to open up the human proteome to drug developers, but first they will need to work out the rules

Vaccines against addictive drugs push forward despite past failures

Vaccines could help prevent relapses but have yet to be effective in clinical trials

Periodic graphics: The chemistry of air fresheners

Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning sniffs out an answer to the question of whether air fresheners actually ‘kill’ bad odors

Genetic screen of soil microbes uncovers novel antibiotics

Method could help researchers discover new natural products from hard-to-culture microorganisms

Chemjobber on when it’s time to leave a bad job

When you’ve lost your voice and loyalties have run dry, it’s time to quit

Trump’s 2019 spending plan scares science supporters

Environment and energy programs face major cuts, basic science is mostly spared

Gilead wins reversal in $2.5 billion dispute with Merck

Judge overturns jury award that centered on breakthrough hepatitis C active ingredient sofosbuvir

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