Scarce science under the Trump administration

Examining policies that will affect the U.S. chemistry enterprise in 2018

Chemically strengthened glass finds a new application

Ford starts using the lightweight, tough material that keeps your cell phone safe in one of its cars

Nanosurfactants create droplet-sized reaction flasks

Chemists use magnets, lasers, and electricity to manipulate droplets with nanoparticle skins

Shell buys stake in solar developer Silicon Ranch

Firm is among European oil and gas firms turning to renewables to diversify earnings sources

Sunken oil tanker threatens fisheries and marine life in East China Sea

Volatile, ultralight oil payload could dissipate quickly, while ship’s fuel may persist

False missile alert creates confusion for chemists in Hawaii

Instructions to seek shelter left many wondering, where?

3-D-printed reactors construct complex small molecules

Approach aims to standardize chemical synthesis so anyone can do it

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Wildfires devastated parts of the U.S. last year. In this month’s installation of Periodic Graphics, Andy Brunning examines the molecular mechanisms underlying the damage.


It’s a rough day in the lab when even your reaction products are frowning. #realtimechem Read more at