Meet the plants and animals that help scientists keep watch over the environment

Sentinel species track pollutants and the effects of climate change

Microdroplets rev up chemical reactions

Nearly every reaction tried so far runs faster in droplets than in bulk

Solid-state batteries inch their way toward commercialization

Small battery makers hope to prove lithium-ion alternatives’ worth by first energizing internet of things devices

Tropical Storm Harvey sparked huge huff of air pollution in Texas

Refineries and petrochemical plants spewed tons of extra emissions

Could a pill one day reverse some of the damage lead inflicts on the brain?

Small molecule repairs some synapse function in lead-exposed rats, study shows

The chemical industry must plan better for severe weather, U.S. Chemical Safety Board says

Agency aims to provide lessons from Arkema flooding after Tropical Storm Harvey

Bayer, Loxo to jointly develop TRK inhibitors

Cancer drug pact could be worth up to $1.5 billion

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C&EN visited federal and city-run laboratories in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C., area to hear about the challenges forensic chemists are facing in the current opioid crisis.

Chemistry in pictures

Fluorescence in every day objects, by Prof. Brian Wagner of UPEI, is the winning colorful chemistry photo for #realtimechem week.