National Chemistry Week: The program that brought chemistry to the public

The seeds of ACS outreach, planted in 1987, are taking root around the world

Chemists are uncovering how and why marine organisms synthesize flame-retardant-like molecules

Using genetic and other techniques, the researchers are gaining a better handle on the compounds’ origins and risks

Harry Gray shares his advice for new professors

Caltech chemist reflects on his first years as an independent researcher

Single-molecule experiment reveals polymer growth spurts

Researchers get the first detailed look at how catalysts crank out individual polymer chains

Helping technology move smoothly

High-performance lubricants have been—and will always be—key to advancing space exploration.

‘Made in China’ now extends to chemical process technology

Local technology developers focus on ethanol production, reducing coal’s carbon footprint

Machine learning streamlines electronic structure calculations for molecules

Approach bypasses the most resource-intensive density functional theory equations

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