3-D printing: A tool for production

Interest from manufacturers and big chemical companies shows that 3-D printing isn’t just for hobbyists.

Ex-Chemours employee charged with stealing cyanide secrets

Grand jury charges former employee with planning to sell trade secrets to Chinese investors

Harry Gray shares his advice for new professors

Caltech chemist reflects on his first years as an independent researcher

Chinese chemistry Ph.D. grads are forgoing U.S. postdocs

Strong chemistry job market in China makes U.S. postdoc opportunities less attractive

National Chemistry Week: The program that brought chemistry to the public

The seeds of ACS outreach, planted in 1987, are taking root around the world

DowDuPont, Chemours named in GenX lawsuit

Replacement for troublesome fluoropolymer processing aid is the target of a class-action suit

California enacts cleaning product law

Manufacturers will have to divulge ingredients

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