January 17, 2011 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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January 17, 2011 Issue

Volume 89, Issue 3
January 17, 2011 Issue, Vol. 89 | Iss. 3
Dried blood spots offer advantages, but also challenges, for pharmaceutical analysis
By Celia Henry Arnaud
(pp. 13-17)
Researchers take a new look at an old problem (pp. 20-21)
Government & Policy
Energy, Environment, and Drug Safety oversight hearings are likely to dominate first session (pp. 26-31)
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News of the Week

Dupont Snaps Up Danisco

Industrial Biotech: $6.3 billion deal will strengthen Dupont’s business in alternative fuels and food ingredients

CO2 Helps Crystals Change Shape

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Polymorphs convert under mild conditions

EPA Acts On Fluoride

Regulations: Agency moves to reduce children’s exposure to fluoride

Firms, Feds Blamed For Gulf Oil Spill

Investigation: Government panel faults lax oversight, poor industry practices for disaster

Merck Will Revamp Former Schering-Plough Headquarters

Pharmaceuticals: Shift of biotech research to Kenilworth will result in 580 manufacturing job cuts

Panel Raps Feds, Industry For Spill

Regulation: Investigation blames lax oversight, poor industry practices for disaster

A New Feat For Gold Catalysts

Catalysis: Gold-palladium nanoparticles exclusively transform primary C–H bonds

Europe's Dioxin Scare Widens

Food Safety: German eggs, poultry, pork are under scrutiny for contamination

Drug Companies Poised For Growth

Outlook: Firms at J. P. Morgan conference shift conversation from restructuring to results

Hungary's Red Mud Catastrophe Packs A Punch On Plants

Industrial Accident: Sodium salt, more than heavy metals, from the bauxite reservoir spill may hurt crops



Science & Technology

Dried blood spots offer advantages, but also challenges, for pharmaceutical analysis
(pp. 13-17)
Pacifichem News: Synchrotron beams enable spectroscopists to observe the biochemistry of cells
(pp. 34-35)
Experimental, theoretical tools reveal 
a new route to the eye disease
Water Treatment: Free-living amoebas that evade common disinfection treatments can host Legionella and other hazardous microorganisms

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