Paul Eckler (Thu May 07 21:34:30 EDT 2015)
Well done!!

What ever happened to heat content and fugacity revolving before our eyes? Has it been set to music?
Paul Eckler (Thu May 07 22:51:31 EDT 2015)
Google search provides an answer:
Donald Igou (Sat May 09 01:11:05 EDT 2015)
Very well done. The young singers are a credit to the acapella musical art form. Bravo!!!
Ron Sheinson (Sun May 10 10:43:32 EDT 2015)
Tom Lehrer, eat your heart out !
Victor  (Tue Dec 15 16:21:38 EST 2015)
voices are in superb harmony, the topic can be transmuted (!) to more organic . A very obvious 2nd career for these lads

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