Modern Open Access Analytical Systems: Beyond Basic Reaction Monitoring
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Modern Open Access Analytical Systems:
Beyond Basic Reaction Monitoring


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

USA 11:00 a.m. EDT, 10:00 a.m. CDT, 8:00 a.m. PDT, 16:00 BST


Who should attend?

• Pharmaceutical medicinal and process chemists

• All organic chemists who utilize LC/MS and/or NMR

• Chemistry lab managers, project leaders in Biotech, Pharmaceutical companies, CRO's, academia, other chemical industries

• Open access administrators or Analytical chemists overseeing open access or walk-up instrumentation

• Analytical chemists supporting synthetic organic chemists


Muhammad Alimuddin
Senior Scientist
Cancer Platform Chemistry

Josh Kurutz
NMR Expert and Consultant


Stu Borman
Senior Correspondent


LC/MS and NMR are the most common analytical technologies used by Pharmaceutical chemists in particular, and all synthetic chemists in general, in order to monitor reaction outcomes and generate important analytical data on their chemistry. Advancements in both hardware and software of these critical Open Access (OA) technologies has enabled increasingly complicated analyses to be performed in OA and deliver the data generated from them directly into the hands of the chemists, enabling faster decision making. In this seminar, we will hear from two OA administrators about how and for what applications OA instrumentation are used by their organizations in the present day.

In this seminar we will discuss:

• Intelligent system set ups and customizable software features allow increased up time and low maintenance and reduce administrator involvement for routine operation

• Pushing the frontiers of OA through putting technologies such as LC/ SFC/MS and mass directed purification in non-expert operation

• Going beyond basic reaction monitoring: measuring physico-chemical properties and pre-formulation assays in OA

• Set-up, operation and challenges faced by modern Open Access NMR facilities

• Going beyond basic reaction monitoring: better utilization of automation (hardware and software) encourages the use of different and more advanced experiments

• New features of VNMRJ 4.0 Persona Manager which provide new tools to the OA administrator

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